Governor Rick Snyder

Governor Rick Snyder has led Michigan through some tough economic times, and we are starting to see some results as many of the vital state indicators of economic health are improving.

  • Michigan has a structurally balanced budget that eliminates a $1.5 billion deficit.
  • In fiscal year 2013, state revenues totaled $52.8 billion. Michigan spent $50.3 billion in 2013 to provide services to the citizens of Michigan.
  • The state now has a $505 million rainy day fund. This is the highest it’s been in over a decade.
  • Home sales and values continue to rise.
  • Michigan has maintained its Standard & Poor’s AA-minus bond rating and Fitch Ratings recently boosted its rating to AA.
  • Michigan has added more than 220,000 new private sector jobs since December 2010.
  • The state leads the nation in manufacturing job creation, has the fourth largest high tech work force in U.S. and ranks third for high-tech job growth.
  • Unemployment is down 1.4% from a year ago.

Contact Governor Rick Snyder. Thank him for doing his job and moving Michigan forward.


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